Iraq Soldier Reports Abuses – Is Strapped Down and Evac'ed

The next day, after the doctor did another evaluation, the soldier was evacuated from Iraq in restraints on a stretcher to a military hospital in Germany, despite having been given no official diagnosis, according to the documents. A military doctor in Germany ruled he was in stable mental health, according to the documents, but sent him back to the United States for what the soldier recalls the doctor describing as his “safety.”






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  1. Brad Avatar

    The article from the Washington Post lacks information to back up the, albiet unstated, theme to the story… that this soilder was restrained and shipped off for no other reason than to shut him up about allegations of abuse “despite a military psychiatrist’s initial judgment that the man was stable.” Well, stability is not a diagnosis. One can be crazy as hell and still very stable. Did he have mental health problems or not? The article doesn’t say. Did an investigation substantiate his allegations of abuse? Who knows.

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