I can’t sleep so I’ll tell you about my night.

Brigitte turned 29 today. She had a big fondue party highlighted by Ghiradelli chocolate fondue and some truly masterful peanut butter fondue (dip a fudge brownie in that mother and you are good to go).

Lingo was in from Dayon. Matt and his belle were there as well as Alan and Jessi (Ron is flying today).

Anyway – I’m leaving with Lingo, Alan and Jess – they’re giving me a ride home and I’m walking down the corridor and there’s Kris. It is so funny – he keeps appearing in my world (and, by corollary, I keep appearing in his). First, I read his blog for a number of years and he read mine, then met him by chance at Caribou and then found out he lives on Ron’s floor and then he’s at Brigitte’s party! He’d just come from a party to celebrate Time Out Chicago‘s publication, for which he’d written a theatre column.

It reminds me of the strange week many weeks ago where I saw the same 5 or six people multiple times. It was like the whole world collapsed into simplicity.






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  1. Kris Avatar

    It was quite a surprise to see you there. A pleasant one, though.

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