INFJs as Fathers

Yes I know the MBTI is not scientifically valid and has skewed results but I still find it a useful grammar to use in talking about individuality and personality and patterns. A morning thought that the primary personality of the American public is ESFJ. I kept the F there because of the reactive polarization patterns we see in society. I think the Western masculine idea is ESTJ: an extroverted, take-charge, decisive, dispassionate leader. Googled some INFJ stuff:

INFJ men are some of the most gentle and dedicated fathers, but they are not effusive in expressing their affection to their children. They express their love through thoughtful attention, interesting, understanding and by freely giving their time. They often do not have high performance expectations of their children. Instead they try to bring out their children’s interests and special qualities, and to provide opportunities for their expression.






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