Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

When Six Sigma doucherati go bad:

Motorists who receive minor parking or traffic tickets in Indianapolis, Indiana are being threatened with fines of up to $2500 if they attempt to take the ticket to court. The city made explicit the threat of additional fines for challenging parking tickets in a November 30 press release announcing a deal between Indianapolis and a private firm, T2 Systems, to hand over operations of a parking ticket court to increase municipal income.”

Wait a minute – they are letting a private company operate a court? I don’t get that at all.

Using Six Sigma process improvement strategies, –


– it is estimated that under this program the city may collect an additional $352,000 to $520,000 in parking citation revenue over the next 12 months,” the city press release stated. “If citations are not paid prior to their scheduled hearing, the city may request a fine of up to $2500 per citation.

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