In Canada, Gay Politicians Get Married – Not Arrested

The think that drives me nuts about the Larry Craig thing is he was obviously powerful and rich and had the resources to hire an escort in an anonymous hotel room. But he thought he’d never get caught. And when you aren’t out and honest about your sexuality then you think that being gay is all about dirty anonymous bathroom stall blowjobs.

But our neighbors to the north have gay politicians who are happy, out and getting married:

Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison made history of a sort when he became the first federal politician to marry his same-sex partner. The wedding ceremony took place Saturday near Brison’s country home in Cheverie, N.S., a town of 200. He is the MP for the Nova Scotia riding of Kings-Hants.






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  1. Spencer Avatar

    ugh, these republicans and all their toilet sex and multiple marriages… when will they learn some good old fashioned family values? disgusting. 😉

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