I'm trying to observe a

I’m trying to observe a media blackout today. It is hard. My first reaction when I get a spare moment is to log in to CNN.com or Metafilter or Slashdot or Memepool or obsess about Dean‘s life or Jonno‘s or Tart’s. But I try to remind myself how often I use media for distraction – to keep myself numb to the fact that I really don’t like where I’m working and that what I’m doing is pretty goddamned un-important.

Ron and I had dinner at Ping Pong – I’m obsessed with their sesame chicken and then hung out at his place and then went to Sidetrack around 11. It was old tall daddies night and we formed a pact to start a bar for short boys only. One of the cutest things about him is the way he says ‘sorry’ – it’s got a Brit spin on it. That and when he calls himself a spoonhead because he thinks his head is too big for his body. Face it: spoonhead is a funny word and when you put a slight Tagalog accent on it… He started back at United today. He’s a little nervous but eager to get back up in the air. He knows his planes, too. He can look up at the sky at any time and name any plane that you see. Reminds of my sister with submarines. She’s obsessed with long hard cylinders full of sea-men and her boyfriend likes deep dark moist caves. Paging Dr. Freud!

Had lunch with Brigitte and Karen yesterday after I got done with my morning o’ doctor appointments. Karen was threatening to do grand battements if we didn’t get to McDonald’s for ice cream soon. Karen eats ice cream every day. I think that’s hysterical.






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