Illinois Bill to Bar Youth From Tattoo Parlors

This is so goddamn stupid.

A bill moves to the State Senate (it passed the House 103-13) that would ban anyone under 18 from entering a tattoo parlor.

[Rep. Jerry] Mitchell’s bill also would exempt minors from criminal charges if they tattoo another youth outside of a tattoo shop. He said teens who rig their own tattooing guns and ink their friends shouldn’t be in trouble with the law. The bill, which also would change the legal age to get a tattoo from 21 to 18, now moves to the Senate.

This is so extremely stupid. I really doubt that most tattoo parlor owners want a bunch of idiot kids hanging out in their place of business all the time anyway. Plus, any tattoo parlor is going to have a whole set of release forms and ID checking just to ensure that they never ever tattoo someone that is a minor without parental consent. So basically the kids can go have their legs blown of in Iraq but God help them if they want to get some ink. If Susie YuppieSkank wants to get a butterly on her tummy and then gets pregnant and it balloons into Mothra – then she needs to learn some foresight.






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  1. sam Avatar

    THAT almost made me spew beverage out my nose, but yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ stupid.

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