Ice Cream Run

Ron and I had dinner at El Mariachi and then came home to watch the remainder of Idol (girlfriend-beater Scott remains on the roster).

We decided we’d celebrate the warm weather by getting some ice cream.

We’re walking down Aldine to the intersection with Broadway and we hear something behind us. A beer can was thrown near us by a passing beat-up van with three guys in it. Saying,

Oh I’m sorry. I dropped that.

And then they stopped at the stop sign.


They said and then drove off.

I screamed:

You’re in the wrong fucking neighborhood, fucking assholes!

They drove away.

Destructive rage gripped my veins. I wanted to slash tires, firebomb the car, embed that fucking beercan in that guy’s face.

I was so mad I couldn’t think clearly. Here we were, equidistant between three gay bars, bookstore, coffeeshop, gym and bathhouse and this kind of bullshit happens.

After a mint chip cone I realized I had several options besides screaming:

  • I should have embraced Ron and dipped him and kissed him fully in front of them, fighting hate with love.
  • Picked up the can and returned to them saying, You dropped this. Fighting hate with courtesy.
  • Spoken the license plate number into my cellphone for filing a complaint. Fighting hate with legal action.

When the weather is warm the bigots come out to play.



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7 responses to “Ice Cream Run”

  1. sam Avatar

    Andy 🙁

  2. palochi Avatar

    Same thing happened to me last year at Roscoe and Broadway, except it was with three drunk-assed frat rats walking down the street as they passed me with two others I was hanging with and drinking for the evening. They opened their mouths, probably thinking they were cool or something. “Fucking fags… heh heh heh…” If there were only one of them, I might’ve jumped the fucker. Unfortunately, there were three and my companions weren’t the type to fight back. Instead, I just ran my mouth back at them. “Fucking whats? What did you say?” They laughed a bit and kept walking.

    And you wonder why I bitch so much about LP Trixies and their fraternity ilk moving into Boystown?

  3. Jake Avatar

    “I should have embraced Ron and dipped him and kissed him fully in front of them, fighting hate with love.”

    In my fantasy, that would have been the perfect comeback. Nothing says it as a better “FUCK YOU” than that of showing those bastards that you’re happier than they are.

    Sadly, in my reality. I would have either;
    a) Ignored them as they go beyond my field of vision. or
    b) Shook my head and gave them the finger.

    I would never have the presence of mind to be utterly romantic in the face of adversity. I’m working on it though.

  4. Father john Avatar
    Father john

    FORGIVE THEM! THAT WILL SET YOU FREE-be not afraid……..

  5. sven Avatar

    it is the warm weather! last night i was walking to the gym and there were four gun shots fired on the next block. oh the warm weather and violence. HAPPY SUMMER!

  6. Brooks Avatar

    Indifference is the best possible response.

  7. mark Avatar

    I learned from a past experience that happened in College. After being made fun of, taunted and teased. Called a fag. I opened up my mouth which is known to be a tad bit “sharp” at times. After I spewed back hate right back at them, I had the shit kicked out of me. I know we want to say something back, retaliate, so SOMETHING, but we never know what could result from us doing that.

    Sometimes, unfortunately….it’s best to just ignore the ignorant fucks and walk away.

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