I was blue-collar studly with

I was blue-collar studly with a Ford/Mercury repairman workshirt I got at Hollywood Mirror. I had temporary tattoos on my left shoulder and arms – and I put in my white out Wild Eyes contact lenses which really freaked people out – I wore sunglasses most of the night and used that to surprise people – Brigitte couldn’t deal with it – she has a phobia with things in people’s eyes and she got ill when ever I looked at her. Even freakier was when I took them out – I had one out and one in – very very freakish. Maybe next year I’ll do a half and half thing – that’d be cool. Smoked Marlboro Reds as well. Well – didn’t really smoke as much as had a lit cigarette in my mouth. Sarah had a birthday party for herself (it’s today) last night at Sylvie’s… she was a USO girl, her boyfriend Scott was an escaped convict, Mierka was a 60s gal, Brando a high-hair death-rocker, Brigitte was a scrub (or rather was wearing surgical scrubs)… and Karen was a big poon and skipped the event. Then I had late late dinner with Ron, Gilbert and Rodney at Nookie’s. I was the only one in costume. Was going to spend the night at Ron’s but a car alarm kept going off continously on Melrose… I went home and on the way left a note on that car: Turn the goddamn motherfucking alarm off on your cunting car. You are an inconsiderate asshole. Next time it’s towed. Your friendly neighbor. I was sort of surprised at myself that I did that – at least the car already had a ticket on it – but what are the residents supposed to do until then?

Medley from Alternet.org

“You know you could do it,” the South African said to me in her clipped speech. “All it takes is the first time.” Toni nodded, adding, “You think you’re not going to go there, you’re not going to cross that line, but once you have sex for money, you’ve changed. You can do it.” (Confessions of a Call Girl’s Friend)

The House package is little more than a rehashed corporate wish list, doling out $115 billion in tax breaks to big business and the wealthiest taxpayers, and a comparatively measly $14 billion to poor and moderate-income families in the form of tax rebates and unemployment benefits. And while the tax cuts for the haves are permanent, those for the have-nots are good for only one year. And they even have the gall to call it patriotism. Others, using the English language more rigorously, call it war profiteering. (Operation Enduring Avarice)






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