I think that Tori Amos's

I think that Tori Amos’s music has a hypnotic quality over me. It is sort of like when Nick gets down and he listens to Sarah (MacLachlan) for a few hours – I tell he’s building a mystery. The song Pretty Good Year makes me sniffle and my eyes water. I think it is her vacancy in her lyrics – a hopelessness that I’ve felt before – that and that she’s playing piano. I skipped God and went directly to Bells for Her which is such a haunting song. I had broiled orange roughy tonight with paprika and minced onions. Twas good. Worked out too.

Talked to Matt today – he’s trying to figure out the logistics of trying to do Antigone and/or a tour with his band. I understand his desire to be a rockstar but I’ve wanted him in this play for five years. He is a very essential part of the Antigone equation and it would take me awhile to find a replacement for him. Part of me lashes back in jealous anger. But I understand or try to. Still waiting to hear from one actor regarding casting for the one-acts. The actor has had a week and a half to report back. If I don’t hear something by tomorrow I’m casting someone else. I’m too nice? Maybe.

there’s nothing I can do can’t stop what’s coming can’t stop what is on its way

This music makes me so sad. I love it. It is dripping with pain. The melancholy yawns forth. it has been a nice quiet night. I’ve stayed offline. The living room looks pretty livable and I’ve managed to keep the bedroom clean and I did dishes. I need more of this downtime stuff.

Got the bill for my sinus CAT scan. Jesus Christ. And the bill for my crown. Actually just the explanation of benefits. So that means the goddamn bill is on the way. This is such bullshit. I have to call (employer) tomorrow and ask them what the fuck. Forgot to call about my mono test today. Shit.

My mom turned 56y today. She is an amazing woman.

I’m so moody sometimes I wonder who would put up with me.

Got a pic in the email of a guy that wants to go on a date. Um. Don’t send me a picture of you holding a baby. That better be a nephew.

OH MY GOD!!! Britney Spears and Madonna are going to record a duet together?!!! OH MY GOD!!! I’m so excited. Stop the presses. I care. Really. And I can’t wait to see what happens at the Super Bowl. Really. No, I’m serious.






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