I think I got my

I think I got my choad massaged yesterday. Well maybe not my choad – but pretty damn well down in that ‘area.’ I went to my fourth session of deep-tissue massage aka Rolfing aka Structural Therapy. He went all the way into the insertion of the psoas muscles which being at the very deep deep base of your pelvis and hip joint. He dug in there. It was interesting that my right side was much more sensitive than my left. I was sweating like a pig on the right side. I mean Jesus Christ – I don’t even touch myself there. But I tried to just breathe through the discomfort and pain. As the massage guy pressed harder on the muscle I could feel sensation all the way up my abdomen and up to my chest. I am always amazed at how pressure one place produces a sensation in other parts of the body. When he was working on my chest I could feel the exact muscle fiber that was holding on in my left pec – I pointed it out and he slowly pressed harder and harder and then suddenly my whole arm twitched and the muscle relaxed. This shit is IN-TENSE. Jesus! It is strange to have someone I don’t know touch me in places I rarely ever even consider. But each time I go I feel like I’m getting more tuned in and relaxed. Trying to get my mind to relax and my body to realize that this touch is a good touch – not a bad touch that gives you that uh-oh feeling.

Watched the movie Kalifornia this weekend. It was dumb. It didn’t good until the last hour. I can see why it was acclaimed but slow pacing doesn’t make a movie great. And I guess this was when Juliette Lewis first started getting cast and people didn’t realize that she was going to be doing the same goddamn character for the rest of her life. A lot of oinking in the script too – at least three characters do nasal oinking. Good to see Michelle Forbes that hottie bad-ass coroner from Homicide: Life on the Stree and what is it about David Duchovny’s total lack of vocal color that inspires directors to make him narrate in his flatline dead-pan drone?

Had major bacchanal fun this weekend. Had dinner with some legal counsel about incorporating s________ as a not-for-profit – started drinking around 7 – then martinis at Nick’s – then went dancing at Circuit from 11 to 4:30 am. I danced for four fucking hours. That’s enough cardio for a week! I always feel sort of ‘reset’ after I dance for a long time. Dehydrate myself and burn all the gluttony of the previous week off. Introduced myself to two guys that are always cruising me at my gym. Saw Chris there. And the other Chris. And then I danced with his friend Chris to ward off the advancing paws of a rogue bear.

I was really down on Saturday morning. But I had a meeting with one of my new web design clients and she really put me in a good mood. She’s a transgender and female impersonator and it was so refreshing to hang out with her and talk about what she wants her website to be. I think also it was an example of a person that most literally recreated themselves and that’s what I feel like I’m trying to do.

Big to do list today. Spent the past two hours figuring out what I’m doing at work this week. Go to it.






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