I look to see if

I look to see if a incoming train is on it’s way. But it’s just an excuse to get a closer look. Our eyes meet briefly. Your angular glasses on your angular face. You sit next to me on the train. Not saying a word. Is either one of us breathing? The speakers blare the correct and we both exit out the same door. I thought you would. We walk silently to my apartment. Fire engines go by screaming and transients speaking in forked tongues. I open the front door. You follow. The store slams behind like a gateway to a sought-after hell. I open my apartment door. You walk in. I walk in. You face away from me as I put down my backpack and hang up my coat. I lightly kiss the back of your neck. Again. My hand trails down your shoulder to clasp yours. You exhale and shiver so slightly. You move to turn to face me but I put my hands on your waist to keep you facing away. I brush my cheek against yours and take off your glasses. Your coat. My hands run up your shirt and feel erect nipples begging to be kissed. One hand pushes to your belly and feels the warmth pulsing through your center. You walk to the edge of the bed. Disrobe and lay down, still facing away. I toss my shirt aside and my pants fall to the floor and I stand naked, admiring. A kiss on the shoulderblade. A fingernail sweetly scrapes your lower back and we ease down on to the soft bedsheets. You suckle my thumb and your body aches for mine. I enter you slowly. So slowly. Your breathing intensifies and you start to speak. shhhhh… I say. You bite your lower lip to keep from moaning as I push inside you. Your body relaxes around mine and we begin to undulate in sweltering lust. Time erodes to ecstasy and reality dissolves into passion. As our bodies begin to ascend I turn your face to mine. I kiss you hungrily, searing your lips with mine. You again begin to moan but I silence you with shhhhh… As our limbs ache from tension and minds teeter on a brink I release into you. Hot, molten lust flows into you as my body seizes up in lust. Yours responds, answering the spill. But I speak not a word and you utter not a sound. Breaths come back to normal and teeth give way to kisses as we put our clothes back on and continue about our lives.






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