I just pigged out. I'd

I just pigged out. I’d done very good since Monday in adhering to a 5-6 meals a day with a 40-30-30 (protein/carbs/fat) profile. I had re-read my latest diet/training manual and it said to get your body fat down under 10% before doing a mass-gaining diet – I was at 17%. So I have been dutifully eating my cottage cheese and rice cakes and hardboiled eggs and chicken and brown rice and was being very organized. I temporarily fell off the wagon. Oh well… I think the CTI training this weekend got me in this frame of mind where things have to change right now – that as a coach you are your product. And part of me is just thinking that I want to look a certain way and have certain things and I might as well get started on them now, right?

Laurie, a former co-worker that moved to Madison to be a executive coach is a great contact for me right now. She keeps things focused on making money: ‘Yeah, we want to help people. But if we just wanted to help people, we’d do charity work.’ That’s her – always keeping the eyes on the prize. She just arranged to have her own radio segment on the local radio in a few months. She keeps me focused and inspired.

Coach training rocked by the way and I’m going to rollout my first web product for coaches at the beginning of next year. Very excited about this.

Just talked to someone in the know about our end of year bonus and they said that last year it didn’t get it until April. My first reaction was: I gotta stay around here until April? I probably will anyway – I want to see if they’ll pay for my other two coaching courses with Coaches Training Institute. I’ll have cleared their second level of training and then all I need is a big ass grant of $3,300 for the half a year certification process – if I even want to go that far.






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