I fired an actor tonight.

I fired an actor tonight. He’d missed three rehearsals with little warning. One of the other actors saw him on the train and is like, ‘You going to rehearsal?’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t know. I guess.’ I’m sorry? Huh? Luckily there were two characters in the play whose casting never intersects so I turned to Bert and said, ‘ya wanna play Joe?’ He’s excited. The worst part is I had to fire the guy over voicemail because I couldn’t get a live call to him all weekend. That and his voicemail cut off so I had to leave two messages. It feels good to be no-nonsense about this. It just makes no sense to me why someone would agree to do a play they’re not interested in. You’re not being paid so why bother? Oh well. I thought I was very diplomatic. We open in a week and a half and I can’t dick around anymore. One of the actors asked me if I knew it was impossible for her to get to rehearsal at 7. I mean I got the clue since she’s always late. But come on, folks. Can we be adults and drop the passive-agressive shit? That’s what I get for casting someone in the 847 area code, I guess. Brigitte joked, ‘yeah – so you’re done with this casting people you haven’t worked with before shit, right?’ Heh.

Oh – I ran 9 miles this afternoon before rehearsal.






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