HOWTO: Steal the 2008 US Presidential Election

Madman journalist Greg Palast is back with a new book and details into how the 2008 election can be poached: (he’s the guy that broke the 2000 election scandal story)

  • Have fewer voting machines in predominantly black precincts.
  • Use a ‘caging list’ to challenge voters.
  • Rinse and repeat in predominantly hispanic/latino precincts.
  • Ensure confusing requirements for voting around presenting valid ID.
  • Ensure the Help America Vote Act mandates centralized state voter databases to make all of this as easy as possible.

Or, if you want to go the route of electronic voting:

  • Install faulty software on voting machines.
  • Program the machines to breakdown at inconvenient times.
  • Design the machines so you can’t even tell if they have been hacked or compromised.
  • Build machines with insufficient memory for the task.
  • Fire any County Clerk that challenges the machines.
  • Believe the manufacturer when they say it isn’t their fault that they built shitty machines.
  • Require no similarity in machine or function from state-to-state for a national election.
  • Make sure there is no paper-trail to verify voting.
  • Create no federal authority for oversight in examining and testing voting machinery.






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