How Jacyee Spoke Out

How Jacyee Lee Dugard spoke out after 18 years of captivity:

“[I]n August 2009, after Mr. Garrido had been brought in by parole officers for questioning after a campus officer at the University of California, Berkeley, had raised their suspicions. Ms. Dugard, who went with Mr. Garrido to the meeting, had been told to lie for him and to give her name as “Alissa,” but parole officers soon began peppering her with questions about her identity, flustering her. Moments later, an officer came in and said Mr. Garrido had confessed to the kidnapping. “I started crying,” Ms. Dugard said. “And she said, ‘You need to tell me your name.’ ” “And I said that I can’t because I hadn’t said my name in 18 years,” Ms. Dugard said. But then, she said, “I wrote it down.”

Jacyee Lee Dugard’s Testimony Tells of 18 Years in Captivity






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