Houston Landscaper and Gardener Garden Guy Inc. with Todd and Sabrina Farber


Last month, a local [Houston] landscaping firm prompted a furor here by telling a gay couple in an e-mail message, “We choose not to work for homosexuals.” In an interview Friday, Sabrina Farber, 34, co-owner of the company with her husband, Todd, 37, said the company had picked up $40,000 in new business in the past two weeks, while losing only two clients worth about $500 each a year.

Like any self-respecting homo (or hetero landscapee) would hire straight landscapers. RIGHT. And miss out on the hot shirtless/bikini-clad tanned gardenguys/grrls?

ACLU sez:

The federal law of public accommodations says if you hang out a shingle or open your door you don’t get to say, ‘Only to whites,’ ” Ms. Graybill said. But sexual orientation is not protected. And while some localities, like Seattle, have adopted ordinances extending antidiscrimination protection to gay men and lesbians, she said, Houston has not.


The uproar began after Mr. Lord contacted Garden Guy, whose Web site contains this slogan: “Treating you with respect and honesty are the cornerstones of our reputation.”

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6 replies on “Houston Landscaper and Gardener Garden Guy Inc. with Todd and Sabrina Farber”

  1. funny… the fact that on their website it mentions that marraige is under attack and the link to nogaymarraige.com was not included on the blog!

  2. The reported response to these bigots was stupid (if it is true), these hateful, bigotted people were made into the victims. A better response would have been to advertise that Jesus loves everybody, even dump fundamentalists.

  3. yes, it is true… visit their website… I don’t see why this was turned into a big deal anyway… a private business has every right to refuse business… at least in my opinion… if someone doesn’t feel comfortable working with someone (for whatever reason) there shouldn’t be a law FORCING them to… In fact I had a customer always try to haggle with me, which I wasn’t comfortable with, so I just stopped servicing her… that’s just her personality, but should I be given hate mail because of it… I don’t think so…

  4. It is true; visit their web site? Gee, members of the religious right have never lied before! There should plainly be no law forcing them to work for anybody; but there should be effective action to expose their hypocrisy. An advertisment, shared by gay businesses stating that even though fundamentalists are living a sinful lifestyle, in cotradiction to the teachings of Christ, they are still welcome as customers, might do the trick.

  5. In regard to Mike Grello:

    I guess “tolerance” doesn’t go both ways. If one wants to stick to their principles and deny services to someone because of religous reasons that the server may hold they are labeled Bigot, Hateful, Intolerant. Where does the crucifiction end? The backlash shows the hypocracy of liberals and their tolerance and diversity agenda which is only meant for a select group of the population that agrees with it.

  6. The ‘diversity agenda’? I’m guessing you also think there is a ‘homosexual agenda’? (aside from being able to live as full-rights citizens in the way of our choosing)

    These people are not being crucified. They are being called out for their bigotry and intolerance.

    Just because they hide their ignorance behind the Bible and cherrypick Leviticus doesn’t make their fear holy.

    Would you say the same if their religion said they couldn’t work with black people or Muslims or Jews or women or fat people or disabled people or guys named Joe…?

    There is no gay lifestyle. There is no gay agenda.

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