Ron had a dream that my book sold over 2 million copies. I did some quick math and I think that’d be about 6 million dollars in royalties:

Ron: Wow. Your book would be selling like pancakes.

Andy: Hotcakes, honey. Hotcakes.

Ron: (wandering to kitchen to hunt for snacks) What is hotcakes?

Sometimes it’s like living with Number 5 from Short Circuit.

Our other giggle was when he told me that I had to blow my nose to empty my eustachian tubes. I of course haven’t used the word eustachian tube in about 14 years. It’s like if I asked you about a golgi body. Or a hypotenuse.

We’ve now gone to calling 24 the doot-doot based off of the opening yellow ticking clock. And we were both enthralled with this week’s episode where Jack did you know what to you know who. And then the previews for next week where they revealed a connection to that one person you forgot about.

Not sure if I’d blogged this before. Ron calls his moisturizer Rory-Alr,  purposefully mis-pronouncing Loreal (the maker of said moisturizer).







5 responses to “Hotcakes”

  1. Sven Avatar

    Uh, Andy? Are you dating Heidi Klum?

    On the PR2 Reunion Special, she refered to “hotcakes” as bagels.

    Heidi squeels, “Yah, they sold like bagels!”
    Tim Gun confused, “Hotcakes?”
    “Whatever! I’m German,” she explains.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Perhaps – though he doesn’t talk about auf wiedersehen as if it is a tangible object.

  3. JB Avatar

    I had a classic one of these at the weekend, but infuriatingly I can’t remember it. There’s also the regular “rumble-dumble” in place of “rumpy-pumpy” and last night hierarchical was mysteriously replaced with heretical.

  4. David Avatar

    It’s official. You live with Lisa Douglas.

  5. Aron Avatar

    Hey Andy, just wanna say cool blog!

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