Hot Hot Hot

For the first time in a long time, I snuck into the practice rooms over at DePaul and played piano. I’d brought Rachmaninoff, Chopin’s Nocturnes and the Beethoven sonata that always kicks my ass. I had fun. It always cracks me up that I still make the same mistakes I did a decade ago in the same measures. Notes from my teachers written above the staves crack me up: ‘B flat please!’ ‘slow slow SLOW!’ It was good to get nonverbal for a while.

It has been really really hot in Chicago the past few days. I bugged my landlord again about replacing the cracked/can’t open window in the main room – if I could have that window open as well I could put off installing the AC a few more degrees.

I had a dream that I was in a play but I didn’t know what play it was. Turns out it was that play where if you are naked onstage then your character is a ghost/dead. The stage was curved like a skateboarder’s half-pipe. Trying to remember the rest of the dream…

Had an okay workout today. My need for munchies ended in me tossing down an entire can of mixed nuts – not a good thing to do after being on a low- to no-fat diet for a week. I just had some baked tilapia and steamed cauliflower and broccoli. I feel really good with the low sugar thing lately. Getting up and already knowing what I’m going to eat for the day makes me feel good – five less decisions to make. I found some tuna that is spiked with lemon and pepper so it takes the edge off. I do need to buy a few dozen eggs for breakfasting. And I’ve started eating Cream of Rice as well. Plus, this is all very cheap eats. Well, except for the tilapia and salmon – maybe I’ll try canned salmon.

Ron seems less isolated, which is good. And what’s bugging him is not something between us so that’s good. He’s been sleeping here most nights since it’s cooler in here than at his place.






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  1. Donna Avatar

    I love classical piano ~swoons~ makes me wish I still lived close to Chicago so i could hear you play.

    (glad to hear things are working themselves out. love will win the day!)

    hey I’m just like you – I can still play the pieces I learned 10 years ago (with the same mistakes), despite hardly having touched the piano all that time…..

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