Hospitals Refuse Emergency Contraception to Rape Victims

New state laws are giving hospitals, nurses, doctors and pharmacists the right to refuse to offer emergency contraception.

“Heather Minton couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone that she had just been brutally…. But she did insist that a friend get her out of the party fast and take her to the emergency room. She needed emergency contraception (EC) before it was too late and the clinic on campus wouldn’t be able to help her until Monday. Minton says the ER nurse at Riverside Community Hospital told Minton’s friend that she wouldn’t treat Minton if she hadn’t been raped, and suggested they try another ER a half-hour’s freeway drive away.

When we got to the emergency room, I was hysterical. No one knew what had happened to me, just that I had had sex and I wanted EC. But the nurse sent us to another hospital. It was after 2:00 a.m. and we didn’t know where we were going or whether they’d refuse to treat me too.

“Catholic hospitals have their own policies � or lack thereof. Some will provide EC, but only to women who have convinced them that they have been raped.”






3 responses to “Hospitals Refuse Emergency Contraception to Rape Victims”

  1. Dr.Fish Avatar

    The only sadder story is the story of a young man that is raped and the ER acts “well they deserve It”……..

  2. JC Avatar

    It is a prime example of people’s projection of their own beliefs hurting the lives of those around them who do not believe the same.

  3. Rape victims refused emergency contraception
    Imagine you are a woman who has been assaulted and raped. Not wanting to become pregnant you go to a hospital to request emergency contraception. The hospital turns you away. They may be Christian fundamentalists who regard it as abortion and expect th…

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