"Hitting is easy, parenting is hard."

From a Reddit thread on parenting tips

“As a child who “turned out fine”, I will say this: I will never spank a child of mine.

My parents spanked me, and I turned out fine. In spite of years of humiliation, in spite of effectively being conditioned to cry at my parents anger, in spite of utterly fearing my parents.
My parents spanked me because they thought they were right. My parents spanked me because they were angry and needed to feel better about the situation. My parents spanked me not because it was the right response to my misbehavior, but because they needed to feel like they had control over the situation.

There is no reason for a grown adult human being to strike a tiny defenseless one except in the case of an immediate threat to the child (slapping a hand away from a hot stove or fire). Children are so small. You are their only caretaker in this world. The one person they are supposed to be able to rely on. And you hit them.

If you, an adult human being who made the decision to have a child, cannot think of a better, more creative and less abusive punishment than hitting, then shame on you. Hitting is easy, parenting is hard.”

Source: What are some common mistakes that parents make,… • /r/AskReddit






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