Hillary Clinton's Prayer Group

From Mother Jones:

Clinton’s prayer group was part of the Fellowship (or “the Family”), a network of sex-segregated cells of political, business, and military leaders dedicated to “spiritual war” on behalf of Christ, many of them recruited at the Fellowship’s only public event, the annual National Prayer Breakfast. (Aside from the breakfast, the group has “made a fetish of being invisible,” former Republican Senator William Armstrong has said.) The Fellowship believes that the elite win power by the will of God, who uses them for his purposes. Its mission is to help the powerful understand their role in God’s plan.

So is she simply using this group for networking and power-brokering or does she honestly believe that she is blessed by God for leadership – or does everyone in this prayer group fool themselves that their prayers are for anything but their own political gain?
That was clumsy but you know what I mean.




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