High Speed Net Whew!

I think it is my upbringing to always be suspicious of things that appear too good to be true – or to at least be a little en garde (on guard?) when life seems to work out perfectly for long stretches of time. Such was when I started worrying that this wonderful new apartment I’d just signed the lease for didn’t have access to high speed internet. I hemmed. I hawed. I drove Ron nuts fretting about it. And then today I started calling – I was up at 6 am this morning looking at all the websites of all the local DSL/cable modem carriers and furiously typing in my future address seeing if they could service my building. I am under 7,000 feet from the closest hub so that was a good sign. I called RCN – which I figured was a lost cause since the building was mostly sericed by AT&T Broadband for cable. Damte! But I called Ameritech and set up the phone service change – I’m even gettin’ a new phone number! And then I sweated as the customer service chickee checked for DSL in my building and lo and behold – yes, yes a thousand times yes – I could get high speed net access in my building. Whew! With all of these teleclasses and stuff that I’m building it is absolutely imperative that I have a high speed net connection – especially when I’m webcasting my desktop.

A world outside of my current corporate k-hole became closer to reality today – I went and reserved classroom space at a local community center for my Artists Way workshops – I am going to do two sessions in person and two in teleclass. I start online and in print promotion next week – I hope hope hope people go for it. I can’t wait to resign – somedays I can just taste it – though, I think that maybe I should ask about going part-time or some kind of arrangement like that. Is that a cop-out? I think it really depends on what kinds of benefits I could retain if I went part-time. My income would probably not change.

Got a web design proposal in to a client and I need to call all of my coaching leads – it is funny – I loathe picking up the phone and doing this kind of stuff – but I always try to rememebr how good a forward movement – of any magnitude – feels. Just an inch towards The Prize is a great thing – it builds up inertia.

The Ikea lamp went away today – and two gals came to look at the futon and might be coming back to take it. Trying to get rid of all of the furniture that I can before the big move – and going to be taking a trip to the home-land to throw some boxes of books in mom and dad’s basement. Hopefully Ron will be able to come down and he can meet mom and dad – I think a one-night over visit is a good first step to getting him introduced to the parentals. I think they’ll love him – he’s passed scrutiny with the friends and my sister so I think they’ll like him a lot.

Ron and I got bored end of last week and I started off just trimming his hair with my hair trimmers and then that turned into shaving it all as a 2. And then a 1. Well, today he decided he wanted it shorter so while I made our lunch after working out, he shaved it down to a zero. I think he likes it because he looks sorta ex-military – it does make him look a little edgy. Plus, he’s a got a nice round head with no dents.






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  1. DAD Avatar

    never miss achance to worry over somr=ething you have little or no control ,Over I would have asked the old temant why they were moving….and what problems occured while they live there……just me…sorry need to go worry,,,,,add

    yeah a head without dents is preferable to one completely misshapen ; )

    pics would be nice!

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