He's Just Not That Into You

I’d heard about this book bubbling up on the talk shows a few weeks back. It sounded like another version of The Rules. Excerpts from a debunking review:

The thesis of the book is that because men are so simple-minded and caveman-ish, they will chase you if they dig you, and therefore if they do not chase you, they do not dig you, and if you are not with a man who chased you, you are with a man who doesn’t truly dig you.

This book, which tells women, in the great tradition of the whore/Madonna paradigm, that their role is to be passive and pursued, because otherwise they risk emasculating the guy they are trying to attract, is a best-seller.

I just can’t figure out why the entire culture is so terrified of leaving single women alone.

This book sounds so repellent and 1950s. I’m scared for my sister to read it – she’ll gut it for sure. I guess you can always make a buck convincing women to succumb to the roles to which they continue to be socialized.

Marriage as a trap where women win. That seems to sum it up.






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  1. Falisha Avatar

    this book is perfict every women needs to read this book. This will help every women how stayed up all night long waiting for that phone to right our looking at the clock saying he will call now no now no now. This book helps you skip all the heart ack and all the games that men play. And that brake our heart. It show us thats its ok for us to go out and just have fun and if we meet someone then he should do all the work to get to know you. It worked for me. Theres this guy that ive known for three years. Hes so shy. One day we started talking he ask for my number and he called me a few weeks later. But all of the sudden he was asking me to go out with he hes taken me to dinner and asking me to big events. So ladies its time for us to not be played but for us to be the player

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