Have you ever crossed the

Have you ever crossed the street and then realized that you just walked through an intersection against the light. I did that this morning. I wasn’t until I crossed I realized what I’d done. Where was my brain? I always imagine the impact the car has on your upper legs first and then wonder if I’d tumble over or under the vehicle. Yikes.

I was all prepared to just party like it was my job all weekend, but once I got down to it I just didn’t feel like being around anyone. I almost went out on Sunday night – even had my dancin’ pants on. But ended up falling asleep at 12:30… woke up at 8 – went to get a powerbagel with Karen. Then Karen and I engaged in a dramatic television event – we clipped her dog’s toenails. Karen has only been able to ever clip one of Cressida’s claws in her 2 year life (Cressida is two, not Karen – though sometimes Karen does act like a two-year old). So I helped. I always seem to have a calming effect on animals and children so I talked to Cressida softly and soothingly. I basically personal coached her dog. Now there’s a niche market!

I begin my own coaching with a woman I met at the ICF conference. We’re trading web design work for her coaching expertise. Very excited. I had to fill out lots of client profile stuff last night – I might post some of it.






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