Judge Glenda Hatchett.

I love Judge Hatchett. She just screamed at an out of control teen:

Take him out! Take him out and put him on the streets of New York!

I’m so excited!

Marilyn Milian of People’s Court is a close second. She could wipe the floor with Wapner.






3 responses to “Hatchett”

  1. Skinni Avatar

    I love Judge Judy, With Judge Joe @ Her heelz. When I dream of divorce I will check out Mayblene Ebrams(sp).

  2. Soulsauce Avatar

    I love this woman who definitely takes her judgement to heart and in conjunction with the legal ethics of jurisprudence.
    It’s ashame that most Judges in the legal system don’t emulate Judge Hachett or Judge Marilyn Milian of The People’s Court.

  3. Tami Bancroft Avatar

    Hi I enjoy watching Judge Hatchett, also Judge Judy. I agree on how they handle their cases. I would not have the patients like they do to listen to lies and then some people still deny the truth after proven that they are lying. They both are good with teenagers. Moral court is good also. alot of people these days needs to learn about morals. I have a hard time believing that some people are not prepared for court not having the evidence that is needed to prove their case and I think something like that should be thrown out of court isn’t is a waste of the Judge’s time when they do not have the evidence? It’s takes time to build up a case or to work out a situation that is fair to both parties. Some cases I think is a totally waste of time meaning I believe that people can try and work things out and try different solutions before coming to court. Anyway, Judge Hatchett is just as good as Judge Judy..Like I said I would not have the patients to deal with people that like to lie it makes me mad and I do not deal with people that lie. I like to get to know the person first before I give them my trust. If and when I lend money, I do not expect to be paid back, I did it because I wanted to do it. I do not always lend money but money is the root of all evil and it can ruin friendships if a person lets it. I do not lend money very often.

    I also like watching Judge Joe, all the Judge’s can be funny they seem to have a lot of patients for people……


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