Hard Drive Decaying

My desktop is slowly slowing down. The router’s not working. Viruses are starting to pop up. I have a whole 5 GB of free space on the hard drive and it’s still taking forever. This desktop is four years old. I may have to get a new one. Argh. I considered re-installing Windows XP again hoping that makes things smoother. I dunno.






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  1. Tim Z. Avatar

    Dude, get a Mac!
    My computer is eight years old, though it’s been upgraded so that the technology is about five years old.
    Still, I’ve never had a virus or worm in this machine, and it’s still going relatively strong.
    True, you pay more, but you also get more. Macs are very forgiving when you screw them up and they are just plain easier to use. And they are better for graphics, something a creative guy like you should keep in mind.

    Plus, you will be striking a blow against the monopolistic evil empire of Bill Gates. lol

    I can’t vouch that everybody will have the same luck as me, but I hope you will give the Mac some consideration.

    I can’t get a Mac due to working with a company that uses all Windows. Plus, I would have to drop at least $1,500 buying my software all over again. I wanted to never buy another Windows machine again and move to Linux in about two years. Wah!

  2. Andy Avatar

    I’m reinstalling Windows XP. Argh.

  3. Amytart Avatar

    Have I mentioned how much I MISS YOU?!?! 🙁

  4. Andy Avatar

    Profanities have temporarily subsided. I have spent the past 3 1/2 hours chasing tech support between Dell and Windows and Ameritech.

    goddamn motherfucking christ fucking bill gates goddamnit ameritech assholes

    Yeah, it’s been like that for about 3 hours.

    Finally a helpful persont at Dell helped me to go into Regedit. Then HKEY_LOCAL_USER. Then HARDWARE. Then PPP. Then EAP. Then delete 25 and 26.

    Of course! Exactly! It makes total sense to me. I mean DUH!

    Excuse my language and I’m not commenting on your support but Windows is so goddamn fucking stupid.

    I am so enraged right now to have half of my day pissed away. The router still doesn’t work either and I’m about to just call Ron, have lunch and buy a new cheapo desktop at Best Buy. Toss all the old hardware into the new box and be done with it. Luckily I backed up all 5 GB of data last night.

    The fact that Ameritech wouldn’t help me out and told me to call the manufacturer really pissed me off. It’s a fucking dial-up connection how hard can it be.

    And yes, I get my trashmouth from my mother.

  5. Mom Avatar

    No you don’t—only selected profanities–have you added door slamming to your anger and frustration curriculum? love mom

  6. Andy Avatar

    Actually – that is true – the more vitriolic come from middle school – but ‘dammit’ and ‘shit’ come from that side of the family. But no – I totally forgot to slam some doors and cabinets – I have to go now!

  7. mark Avatar

    As my baby brother says (with a sparkle in his eye)”My mom talks like sailor!” She does and so do her three boys.

    I gotta give it to you for trying to call customer service. I get my roomate to do those things cause “those people are stupid and can’t explain jack. Or have some excuse as to why they can’t help you.” That is of course after the 20 mins of muzak.

  8. Andy Avatar

    Okay. WinXP reinstalled. DSL up. Attacking the router tonight.

  9. Andy Avatar

    Yeah – I’ve worked support desk for hours and hours so I empathize. I just want to tell the person: Look – jump to the second part of your support script. I kinda know what the hell I’m doing.

  10. Jeff Avatar

    Have you tried defragmenting your computer? Installing things on a hard drive that hasn’t been defragmented in a while can really slow things down.

  11. Andy Avatar

    Yeah – that’s on the list – I just have to go away for many hours. It takes forever!

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