‘Happy Holidays' Instead of ‘Merry Christmas'

So much panties-bunching going on about businesses making an effort to be more inclusive and say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’ The term politically correct carries so much baggage these days – and the question on Lou Dobbs Tonight was:

Do you think it’s offensive to wish someone a Merry Christmas?

I don’t think it’s offensive – I just think it’s simply insensitive to just assume everybody is a Christian.

Of course no one talks about the whoring-out of a messiah’s origin story to hawk damned near anything from before Halloween through New Year’s. Reference Jesus vs. Santa Claus.

I’ve started ending my email newsletters with ‘Happy Ho-ho’ and ‘Merry Kringle’ in protest.

That and the debate on 360 (Andersen is sadly on some sort of vacation) was about ‘intelligent design.’

Are any other countries having these arguments still?






3 responses to “‘Happy Holidays' Instead of ‘Merry Christmas'”

  1. Terrance Heath Avatar

    No. It’s just us.

  2. th0m Avatar

    This *has* to be Pat Robertson…

  3. Bob Green Avatar
    Bob Green

    I think they should say HAPPY HOILDAYS BECAUSE I AM JEWISH

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