Had a nutty day yesterday.

Had a nutty day yesterday. The plays opened and suddenly I’m useless again. That’s the craziest thing about stage directing is that you create this entity that you are so intimately involved with and intensely aligned with for two or three months and just as you are most integrated with it you have to drop it and say goodbye and just sit in the audience and squirm. I have these sick fantasies sometimes of being in the audiences of other theatre companies’s plays and shouting out notes to the actors in the middle of the show. When I get Alzheimer’s I’ll probably be banned from live theatre for shouting: ‘PUT YOUR HAIR UP I CAN’T SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE’ or ‘ACT ON THE LINES – NOT BETWEEN THEM – DAMMIT.’ Regardless I filled my day with visiting people – Karen, then Brigitte then I had massage #9 – which rocked – I fell asleep as usual and even caught myself doing little baby snores. Took myself out to dinner at Ann Sather and then went over to Eric’s and we talked boys and art for an hour and a half. I called N****** yesterday before I left and we’re going out tonight – pretty excited about that. I’ve admired him from afar since last November and we’ve been flirting back and forth on the dance floor for four months so we’re finally getting down to going out. He’s a stylist and an intern at a salon downtown. You know what that means – FREE HAIRCUTS BABY! 🙂 We’re going to have dinner and see a movie. I haven’t lusted for a guy this long in quite a while. So we’ll see.

Yes Chris and Brad – I also thought Very Bad Things was one of the most repellent movies I’ve ever seen (along with Kids) – I’m all for shock tactics and the value of being offensive but this movie was just nasty. From the death of a stripper by being fucked against a coathook (and being suspended there for a while) down to the ending. Just nasty. And Christian Slater has no fucking point in the movie. He’s too damn cool to have any sort of worry or anxiety about how things will come out or any involvement in the plot except for his usual ‘talk and act like a Jack’ routine. And it seemed the whole joke of ‘look how immoral we’re all being’ was just a quick toss-away with little decension or immersion in madness. It’s was a big craphole of a flick. It’s in the same box as Biodome which I was tricked into seeing once. The kind of movie where you just want to cry because people actually spent weeks of their lives making this dreck. And I always feel the worst for the sound engineers and editors who have to scrutinize the aural and visual integrity of these shitty films over and over and over again (and again when the films are transferred to VHS and DVD). Can you imagine having to digitally mix and master Pauly Shore? Good Christ!






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