Had a great date with

Had a great date with N****** – it was fun to be around someone new and different and we didn’t try to to the full-disclosure date where you just sort of dump your life out on the table so you can get down to bidness. We ate at Mia Francesca on Clark and skipped the movie to hang out at my place. He was late getting here and had to drop off his friend Mohammed who was going to go hook-up or break-up with some guy. That’s funny – last bus to Boystown. So we came back to my place and hung out for awhile. The punchline of the date is that I asked him his age. He’s 34. I swear the fucker looks like he’s my age or younger. the lines around his eyes show his age a bit but I thought – okay – maybe 28. I just think it’s funny that I keep wrestling with the whole ‘dating older guys’ thing and I think I’m out with someone my own age and I’m not. Not that it’s any big schmeal.






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