Gymbunnies Reloaded

I’m a little high-strung lately – like everyone else in the country. Between the World Series (which I don’t give a crap about – how can they call lit the World Series when only U.S. teams play?) and the upcoming recount.

Ron and I have started an intensive weight-training program that he designed. We did legs and arms yesterday and my legs are already starting to tighten up. It’s 5 sets of 3 exercises each for each body part. I am gonna try to get back into the 15/21 Quickstart eating regimen that gave me such great results over a year ago and made my way to the Dominick’s to stock the fridge.

On the way in the Streetwise salesman was going off about the missing explosives to another customer. I had made the mistake of reading Daily Kos before I went and had heard the updates on this frustrating story so I couldn’t hold back – I chimed in with the Streetwise salesman.

They didn’t even guard the fucking explosives! The energy agency told them it was there and reminded them to take care of it – but they were too busy guarding the goddamned oil fields – which aren’t even at the output they’re supposed to be.

Other stuff: I know I’m supposed to be annoyed at all the snarky ‘your vote doesn’t matter’ crap being spouted by comedians trying to be anti-establishment. Wouldn’t anti-establishment be to vote the establishment out of power? There is shame in not voting. If someone can move their fingers to vote for Fantasia Barrino but can’t take 30 minutes out of every four years to give a crap about where their tax money goes then they deserve the government they get – but I don’t deserve that same government. And I think that South Park said it best tonight: it’s always a choice between a turd sandwich and a giant douche. And Colin Quinn is a real dick.






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  1. sam Avatar

    Thank you. I caught the first 5 minutes of Colin’s show.

    Kept waiting for them to fling poo at eachother.

  2. Andy Avatar

    I guess I always thought he had such lousy comic timing when he was on SNL. Sort of like Jon Stewart in his first few years on The Daily Show. Stewart has so improved – he waits for the joke – doesn’t indicate it or apologize for it if it bombs – he quietly waits. South Park was like that too last night – those two guys really know the method of quiet, still silence to wait for a laugh.

    I love how all the satire media is gearing up for a recount. The Onion has a ‘Countdown to the Recount’ issue and The Daily Show is offering live coverage on Nov 2nd and calling it ‘Prelude to a Recount’.

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