I was writing in my handwritten journal this morning how I think that the kitty acquisition is a huge bid to get myself grounded. When you spend your day living online and on the phone and in your head there is nothing more grounding than a furry purring mammal in your lap, demanding your attention.

Yeah, the cat is a little disruptive. His hunger march this morning over my face did wake me up early to get him fed – but maybe that’s a good thing.

Nick, the conniving lying bastard is at the coffeeshop right now. He looks lke hell – shaved head, pale. He looks like he’s really really sick. I won’t go say hi to him – because who knows what either of us would say. I’d rather lick a Cheney.

Lifted at the gym today. Ron and I are considering trainig together to get ourselves back in shape. I think I’ve replaced my gym obsession with politics – hopefully that might subside after the elections. We are looking into Quads gym. For some reason, Ron wants to train at a gym where no one knows us.

In alignment with the grounding metaphor I got some essential oils from Body Shop. Every time I would pass by they would have some sort of heating candle device that made great aromas. I got a citrus based mix as well as a green tea essence. They are very nice and will help in the winter when the apartment starts to get stuffy.

Ron and I fantastizd about going to Berekely together. Part of us just wants to chuck it all and go back to school. When I worked at the insurance company my two bosses were Berkeley girls and always told me that I was a Berkeley guy – I just didn’t know it yet.

I’m having a ball with my ecourse that I’m piloting. I really have fun making these things. And it is rewarding that I got 30 sign-ups in a couple days. I took a couple hours last night and consolidated all of my newsfeeds subscriptions I’ve had in AmphetaDesk, FeedDemon and FeedReader and morphed them all into one master view in Bloglines. I even made a folder for Kentuck/Indiana news so I’ll know what’s going on back home. I will be asking for help from my gentle readers since, .org, .net,, .org and .net,, .org and .net are all taken. I am trying to find a good domain name for this course and I love the term infomaniac. Mediawhore is also taken unfortunately. Infowomb?

I forgot to blog my surprise when watching RotK on DVD. In the theatre I had loved the line:

Put aside the rage and become who you were born to be.

But when watching on DVD with sub-titles the real line is:

Put aside the ranger and become who you were born to be.

Argh. I liked the way I heard it better.

My writing is getting more and more cluttered with homonyms lately. I’ll write ‘buy’ instead of ‘by’ or ‘pain’ instead of ‘pane’. It’s weird. I know it is because I ‘hear’ the words I write before I type them.

Seymour Hersh is going to be in town on Tuesday. I might go see him speak. I think that would be fantastic.

As military engagements become more and more driven by unmanned vehicles and bots will that just create essentially a ‘junkyard wars’ version of war conflict? Or will that just drive attacks further back to the homeland of a country?

Read some more of Hope Dies Last. I have always been captivated by the Federal Theatre Project that was part of the Works Progress Administration. The whole notion that you pay and actor to act, a playwright to write, a director to direct. And this was really one of the first efforts to bring professional theatre to audiences all over the country. That and the projects that writers did to go into cloistered groups – like in Appalachia – and chronicle the folktales and histories of all of these people.

Tomorrow is the marathon. And Monday is the busiest day of the year for Chicago’s massage therapists. Good luck Jake!

I’m always surprised to see the kinds of sunglasses that people deem acceptable to wear around in public. Sometimes it’s like a whole gang of Geordi’s comin’ right at me.

I was going to attend a personal training certification workshop today and tomoow but decided against it since I wanted ot have an actual weekend. I have several hours of work I need to clock in to get my total up for tyhe week. And tonight is laundry night.

I wish I’d bought a leash for the cat. I’d toss him into the carrier and take him to the lake to play in the grass while I type.






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  1. Jake Avatar

    Thanks for the good luck wishes! I finished the fucker in 4:36:31 — and now I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Ouch. (But it’s a GOOD ouch.)

  2. JC Avatar

    I like the vibe of this entry.

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