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Sam on his past party days:

Don’t get me wrong – I had fun. But it stopped being fun when I realized that I was still lonely in the morning. And it started being hurtful, even if it was only self-inflicted, when we would finish our “play time” and he would ask me to stay and I would leave anyway. I never expected any of those times to be only one night flings, but that’s what I became accustomed to and when it looked like maybe my expectations were being met, I had to run. I couldn’t bear the thought that someone whom I was attracted to, physically and mentally, was attracted to me as well. I am still burdened by that thought.

And from ZenLeo:

I remember when I lived for summer holiday weekends. I starved myself all week because I’d be dancing all weekend with my shirt off. I stressed out about the “right outfit” – usually loose pants (with no underwear) and an easy to remove shirt. I’d make an entrance with my friends and my boyfriend. We’d dance non-stop until the bar closed then continue on somewhere else groovin’ as the sun came up. That was my life until one night I had an epiphany on the dance floor. I looked around at all the other guys, dancing shirtless, twirling lights above their heads. I saw people that were my “friends”. But they were only people I partied with. We never met for coffee, cooked for each other, called to say “hi”, never hung out on a Friday night popping popcorn and watching movies. I looked at my boyfriend dancing next to me and wanted to cry. What the hell were we doing?






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  1. Matthew Avatar

    How is your new place ? Hoping the adjustment went well.

    We JUST got our internet & cable turned back on. Damn Hurricane Frances anyway. Trees are still down all over town blocking major roads. Businesses remain closed due to power outages and hundreds of homes devastated. And to think we get to welcome Hurricane Ivan real real soon. NOT COOL.

  2. Dano Avatar

    One of the greatest treasures that any one can find is the complimentary person.The person that makes things in your life have value and meaning.I dated for 6 years in a relationship that I thought was true only to find that we were intrested in each others bodies.Then I met the love of my live ;and each day has meaning and value to life.We dance every day…………………….. all is one

  3. JC Avatar

    Those were great posts. Thanks for sharing them. I like the point where you can look back at your life and realize that even in the darkest hours, you learned something.

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