I probably never make product recommendations on this weblog but I am making an exception. The best cheap hair gel on the market – Got2B – is now on sale at Walgreens 2-for-1. It’s coast-to-coast. One of Ron’s buddies called and told us so we quickly bought 4 bottles each. It’s in a bright yellow bottle. It’s a great, stiff, water-proof hair goo. Note: Give up conditioning your hair – it takes forever to wash out. The sale is on through the end of this month.

And drop by Jewel and get their sugar-free lemonade – it’s really good! I’ve gotten in the habit of having a bag of ice on hand so I can brew tea or make lemonade and instantly chill it to be super-cold.

Went to a different teahouse/cafe the other day with a prof at UIC who is from South Africa. He was ecstatic that they have Rooibos tea which is a South African brand not always seen in the States (actually looks like it’s from Zaire). I’d noticed that the business cards of the proprietors had the same last name as Ron. Ron’s last name is from a Spanish root and I knew owners the were asian and they had a Filipino community newspaper on the bookcase… So Ron and I went back a couple of days later and it looks like the husband of the family that runs the cafe is from the same province (think Cebu?) as Ron’s dad’s side of the family. So that was pretty cool… and they are going to be area distributors for the Goldilocks brand of foods from the Phillppines. Currently, Ron has to go to San Fran to get his Goldilocks fix. One night Ron spent four hours on Yehey giggling at jokes in Tagalog – he’d tell me them in English and they didn’t seem to be very funny.






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  1. philtre Avatar

    not really cheap, but it won’t ruin your hair either.
    Their Bed Head Stick is the best thing I’ve ever tried. It’s about 10$ over here and it lasts for months. But they only sell it in salons.

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