Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams Cruise Some Hot JFK Ass

Very funny. Vidal and Williams are hanging out with JFK and Tennessee has more than target shooting on his mind:

Vidal describes a visit he and Tennessee paid to John F. and Jackie Kennedy in Palm Beach in 1958. According to Vidal, “the Bird” had never heard of “Jack,” and repeatedly asked him whether he were a governor or a senator… [H]e proposed that we shoot at a target in the patio.””While Jackie flitted about, taking Polaroid shots of us, the Bird banged away at the target. … At one point, while Jack was shooting, the Bird muttered in my ear, ‘Get that ass!’ I said, ‘Bird, you can’t cruise our next president.’ The bird chuckled ominously: ‘They’ll never elect those two. They are much too attractive for the American people.’ Later, I told Jack that the Bird had commented favorably on his ass. He beamed. ‘Now, that’s very exciting,’ he said.”

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