Going on safari

Holy shit – have you seen Videodrome by vaginophile David Cronenberg.
I’d always read about the movie and finaly rented it. James Woods plays a public
access porn purveyor who stumbles upon a TV signal that can cause people to
hallucinate. The imagery of the film is outrageous – from breathing televisions
to Woods with a vaginal sore on his stomach through which he pushes in a video
tape – there is lots of drippy oozy moist horrow. Now I want to rent Scanners,
Crash, The Brood
and Shivers! Crazier still is the trailer from the
DVD edition – that is very, very strange and features lots of imagery barely
connected with the film.

I also rented Death to Smoochy which I remember loving the concept of
from the trailers but it disappeared swiftly after a poor reception. Danny DeVito
brings out his unforgivingly mean-spirited sense of humour in a comedy where
Robin Williams and Ed Norton are battling children’s television mascots. Robin
Williams is unleashed in a great sadistic wonderful way we normally don’t get
to see – I replayed the clip of him screaming into a phone: “I’m goin’
on safari, motherfucker… SA-FA-RI! (elephant blast)” three times it made
me laugh so much. It’s a generaly good film and has some nice twists.

Work is a madhouse – I spend half of my days in meetings. Something about it
is thrilling though – we are all working as a team for once – about twenty different
people – some all over the country to get this roll-out of a 6 week training
to 2,000 in ten days. I feel like I get some sort of respect or input for once.
Though I remind myself I’m making 20% less per hour since I’m part-time now
and getting totally fucked on my hours.






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