Go Ask Alice

A woman that played Alice in Wonderland at Disney World reminisces:

she was 6 years old and almost blind from her condition, but she could see if you were close enough. i spent hours with her on 3 different days that she was there, the last day the mother was sobbing and telling me how i was her daughters angel and how they were so happy she got to see me before she lost all sight. she asked if alice could join them at the character dinner. in wonderful disney fashion my managers said NO, alice could not extend her hours into character dining. so i said fuck it, got out of costume, went and bought her an alice doll and went to the dinner as myself to give her the doll. i figured she was almost blind and would have no clue i was alice without all the blue. i approached the mother at dinner who instantly started bawling and hugging me, i gave the little girl the alice doll and told her i was alices friend. i gave the mother my contact info and kept in touch with the family. the little girl passed away shortly after but the mother sent me a beautiful photo of her daughter and i walking down a path holding hands. she also sent me a silver angel that hangs on my wall. i was told they buried her with the alice doll.

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