George Will Aims at PBS

I think getting rid of PBS is a terrible idea. Television driven by ratings (especially news) has eroded public trust in journalism. In the run up to the war, it seemed that Ted Koppel and Frontline were the only network TV outlets that didn’t totally toe the line.

In today’s 500-channel environment, public TV is a preposterous relic. Now PBS is airing some HBO films. There is a nifty use of tax dollars – showing HBO reruns.

I think he’s referring to their running of Dirty War– which was a great movie and was presented with an after-show discussion on the program’s themes. He makes it sound like they’re running Six Feet Under of something.

The recent spat about Buster, PBS’ cartoon rabbit, visiting two lesbian parents quickly became a second spat about the Education Department’s threat to stop financing Buster. But a third spat should have been about why the Education Department (a fourth spat: Is that department necessary?) is paying for any of Buster’s adventures. Is there a desperate shortage of television cartoons?

There is a desperate shortage of cartoons that aren’t focused on shoveling cereal and toys at children.

But the refined minority, as it sees itself, now has ample television choices for the rare moments when it is not rereading Proust.

God, he’s such a dick!

Even with science and history shows, Discovery Channel and History Channel don’t fill all the gaps. They’ll always produce specials on what is going to sell advertising spots. I have set riveted to episodes of Nova before on totally obtuse, but fascinating topics. I watched that Frontline on credit cards twice because I just couldn’t believe that is how the finance industry actually works.

Mom and dad raised us on PBS. Cable was considered a luxury – and it is when you can spend money on music lessons or a Commodore 64.






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  1. Alan Avatar

    I think we should take a page outta the conservative playbook and fight George’s stupidity with great rhetoric. Instead of “George Will Aims at PBS”, isn’t “Conservatives Want to Kill Cookie Monster” much better? Or “George Will Wants to Ban Mr. Rogers”

  2. Beastmomma Avatar

    I totally agree with you about the necessity for public television because in addition to what you said, it also serves a better venue for local news programs.

  3. Jef Avatar

    Sunday evening I could’ve watched 100 Sexiest Bodies on MTV, but instead I caught the tail-end of a documentary on Yule Bryner and the first part of “That’s Entertainment III.” I was amazed to learn that Yule Brynner worked with, or as, a Magnum photographer, and the elaborate sets and dance numbers from forgotten MGM musicals. Some of those girls made Madonna look like an amateur. I was impressed and I’m not even a show tune junkie.

    Ever since the election and the tsunami disaster I’ve been listening to the people around me. In my industry, most of my peers voted for Bush because they want to keep rates low to make more money for themselves even though they disagree with him on Iraq, the environment, gay marriage, etc. It seems like with each new day there is an attitude of selfishness that is becoming the norm among Americans and they fear having what they have worked hard for taken away from them. However, I have grown up believing that if I do the right thing, I’ll never have to worry about having enough. In fact, I always have. Therefore, this “ME! ME!” attitude seems pointless.

    How much do we have to lose before people wake up?

  4. Brad Avatar

    I love the “500 channel” argument… has he turned on the TV lately? 487 of them can kiss my ass. The government wastes billions of dollars and this is his cause celebre… spending on television that has a socially redeeming value. Nice work George. Frontline and NOVA are best shows going (Crank Yankers is a close third.) Even the President should empathize with the threat of losing well liked programming … I’m sure he was devastated when “Hee Haw” was cancelled. Oh, and I refuse to listen a man who makes Bill Gates look like The Rock.

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