George Constanza Moment

It has been a strange week of irritants and idiots.

Ron got in from Hawai’i yesterday morning and promptly went to bed. I had tried calling him late afternoon to accompany me in going downtown to get my MRI films for my ankle (I go see Dr. Chuckles this afternoon).

I could tell Ron’s phone was off because it went to voicemail instantly each time I called. No big deal. I walked to his place on the way to the bus and tried one more time using the intercom phone in the entry way. No answer.

Then a guy comes out of the elevator on his way out the door. I think, ‘Great! I can just grab the door as he leaves and then I can get into to the building and knock on Ron’s door.’

It was not to be.

The guy comes out of the door. Keeps his hands on the door handle. Moves them to the front side of the door and then pushes the door closed right in front of me.

He left. I cursed. Then laughed.

Like I’m some menace to society in my A/X shirt and workout pants.






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  1. palochi Avatar

    With the A/X shirt? Possibly. 🙂

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