Gay Singer Verbally Stoned By Fundies

Christian musician and songwriter Jennifer Knapp recently came out of the closet. Fans respond:

Gay Christians? There IS NO SUCH THING! You’re either ONE or the OTHER. NOT judging nor condemning, simply TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!”

Exclamation points are usually signs of judgement and/or condemnation. And it’s fun how all the ‘God will judge you’ sentiment falls away and reveals true opinion.

“I cannot believe that God who calls homosexuality an abomination would create a human being in the womb to be Gay. It is a choice, a temptation and a sin. They same as every sin we struggle with, it is to be dealt with. While I can love someone who is gay as a fellow human being, I can’t support that lifestyle.”

For all the talk of ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ there certainly is little delineation being made here.

And again with the coded lifestyle word. This is why I cringe when people who aren’t homophobic or gay people use the word. If it is a choice then it doesn’t have as much weight as an innate quality and a constitutionally protected class.

Lifestyle is a coded word conveying choice that the anti-gay organizations have used to reinforce that being gay is a choice and also requires a certain set of behaviors or Madonna albums.

The part that always gets me is that religion is a choice but that is sacrosanct.

“Homosexuality is a sin as defined by the Bible. Many will call me a homophobe, a hater or worse for saying this, but I do not say it without love in my heart.”

Love with craggy rocks thrown at you, lovingly covered in glucose.

Oh Americans!

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