Gay-Baiting in Ohio

From Salon (watch an ad and get a free 1-day pass):

“Even if Ohio would be better off, gays should not be allowed to marry,” he says, because homosexuality is a sin that “merits discrimination.” In fact, he says, “I support and endorse the criminalization of homosexuality.” Later, he tells me that the decision to put gays to death is a matter best left up to the states.

Beautiful (MeFi discussion).






4 responses to “Gay-Baiting in Ohio”

  1. Alan Avatar

    I read the article…then I read the MeFi debate. Oy vey Maria. Now I don’t know who I’m more scared of, people like Johnson, or the people that argue against him!

  2. palochi Avatar

    One again, my heterophobia rears its ugly head and gives more reason to why I’m lacking faith in the heterosexual community.

    “There are two types of straight people — those who hate you to your face, and those who hate you behind your back.” – Brian Kinney, “Queer As Folk”

    Why isn’t someone in the OH legislature considering criminal charges against this fool? It’s tantamount to a death threat. If he’d said it about blacks or jews, it would be a whole different ballgame.

    You can argue your point to deny my rights to marry another man all you want. That’s what part of Democracy is supposed to be about — open debate in a public forum. However, when you start proposing putting me and an entire subculture to death because of something in a text written over 2000 years ago says, I consider that an act of aggression.

    Worse than the fucking Nazis.

  3. kc Avatar

    Later, he tells me that the decision to put gays to death is a matter best left up to the states.

    The Taliban. Right here in America.

  4. Gigamatt Avatar

    I like to believe in the inherent good in people. And I live here in Columbus. I know people that go to Rod Parsley’s church. I know GAYS who go to that church. This Johnson fellow… scary.

    Blind faith will turn this state from a gay-friendly state to a gay-bashing state in about 2 weeks. Our only hope is that once Issue One passes, and the government starts pushing the limits of the law, it gets repealed. Or I find a job in Canada.

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