From: Kevin To: Andy Pyrotechnics

From: Kevin
To: Andy

Pyrotechnics and tits HAVE
ALWAYS been the biggest media sellers! Nothing new there. Permissions for
what CAN be revealed is all that new. (Did you see Gena Davis at the Emmy’s?
See through gray top. She has big nipples for such a thin woman.) Are you
getting HBO with your cable hookup? If so watch Sex and The City (and Real
Sex, and actually porn on Showtime just past 10/11 most night). You’ll have
to go beyond or at least be comparable on stage. I think the point isn’t
Karen dancing naked, just someone dancing naked.

I got screwed [by Dell on my new PC] without getting kissed, the old bait and switch –
Monica our sales rep, “Hi, my name is Monica, and I couldn’t get a job as a
bank teller,” none the wiser either with financiers lurking behind video
monitoring screens no doubt making all final sale decisions. Well, at least
I didn’t have to clean myself up afterwards! There is always some good

I will go to my grave always assuming I know what I’m talking
about. (Said point being driven home to me routinely when watching “So You
Want to Be a Millionaire” – where I’m sure I know the answer – and I either
do, or go figure – don’t! (If you do AND don’t – how do you fix the don’t?)






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