friday, october 26

email from dad:

the most important changes in my life have come from raising a family.I am a better father that I was when you two went throught the program.I am embaressed by the rage that I felt and still feel in my life.I always wanted a dad;I tried to be my dad and was poor because I imposed the structure that I had missed.

Yor mother is the most wounderful person I have ever met.

Heather was the love of my life and I wanted her to be happy and I think she is I worry about the impact of her job on her at sush a young age.I trust that the choice for childern will be made with the understanding the sacriface that you make to have and raise children.

You my love are my light and I want you to be happy .I don’t understand the attraction for another man but that’s not my call I tust that the time that you and Ron spend together is loving and provide you with great companionship.

Life is a great challengr and we have to little time not to be with people you will lve us and watch us grow.

I love children and the fun and innocents that they bring to life a very clear picture of right and wrong.The other day I stoped and listened to the children say the pledge and was filled with wonderment that I am a teacher.I give the kids hope and love and discipline.In return I become part of their life for ever..same trade….I lookat the teachers that have had an impact on your life and am thasnkful for that.






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