friday, november 16

And once again my hunger and hubris gets the better of me. I ate an entire margherita pizza and chicken caesar salad from Sopraffina. So yummy. I then chugged 40 oz of water and I feel like I’m going to float away. Good news: my co-worker Mark heard that I play piano and he and his wife are going to give me their piano! Excellent! Going to bribe Brigitte into driving out there with me to take a look-see before I agree to have it delivered to my house. That will be so nice to have a piano in the house again. I could play some Chopin or some Rachmaninoff… I am so stuffed. My God. Brigitte and Karen and Ron and I ate at Wave, the restaurant at the W. Yummy yummy yumm yumm. We got to eat free since they needed good-looking people hanging out for the TV cameras. I had the hearts of romaine caesar salad, the potato gnocchi, rotisserie chicken and a lemon tart. We ate like whores, like always and laughed like fiends. I mentioned that I saw some place say they were having cornish hen bowling for Thanksgiving. This drew uproariousness to our table. First query was were the hens the ball or the pins – or the bowlers? I think the pins it the funniest… where Brigitte pictured prepared hens stuffed on the pins I picture live cornish hens running like hell from a bowling ball barreling down the alley. We laughed and laughed until Karen cried.

Worked from home yesterday (really). Good news in that supposedly they’re going to allow us to have access to our work email accounts for employees that have broadband! That way I don’t even have to bring home the laptop… very good news indeed!






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