friday, march 9

Put this in the Wake-Up-And-Smell-The-Coffee Inbox: (from Salon)

Venture capitalist greed — which funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into bogus business plans while hoping to hit it big on premature IPOs — killed the Internet economy. Marketing directors — eager to spend millions more on glitzy television campaigns for Web sites pushing products that no one wanted to buy — killed the Internet economy. A blithe disregard for the basic equation that demands revenue match expenses killed the Internet economy.

I’m 48% on the Gay-O-Meter. (via Bradlands)

Had a fine preview last night though the actors desperately need an audience. I think tonight’s gonna be pretty damned exciting. I kept getting down and anxious about if people are actually going to come and see the shows and worrying about attendance and Carrie reminded me: ‘But you’re doing it. That’s what’s important it. You’re doing it.’ How true. Creating these plays again is such a strange bit by bit process that you sort of forget how big the task of play production in itself is. You forget to step back and say: ‘Goddamn, we’re opening tonight!’ To help sweeten the audience tonight I got Kelly and Kevin Elizabeth coming – two of the loudest laughers I know so hopefully they’ll break the ice within the audience and get people to loosen up. We’ll see. Al said he’s coming. It’s strange… someone you’ve gone on a date with coming to see your plays – I mean it’s basically like walking into a big room with Andy’s Brain and Soul on display – but that’s what it’s all about, n’est-ce pas? Sort of intimate in a way. We’ll see. We all went to Bobby Love’s a gay bar down the street and really the closest bar to go to. Sarah was on the prowl slapping guyz with labels saying ‘Ask Me About My Foot Fetish’ or ‘Let Me See That Thong.’ I didn’t know that she had the fag-hag energy and she’s like: ‘The girls love me! I love it! I’d have my girlfriends whining about falling in love with them and I’d say fuck that let’s go shopping!‘ The owner of the bar warmed up to us and we’re coming back tonight after the show to join in their karaoke – we’re all gonna put on the bruises makeup too – I’m gonna try and get Jen and Brig to sing ‘From This Moment’ – which is what they sang at Lingo’s wedding. I’m gonna wear something tight and twinky for the occasion. Sarah is giving Xviara some stickers to wear at Shower Power at Spin tonight and I was trying to convince Lingo to enter the contest – she’s good at shaking ass and girls always win the shower contest.






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