friday, june 29

Bored out of my skull sitting here a voice-data conference. I need to get a phone headset so I’m not always straining my neck and shoulder with holding hte handpiece up to my ear. My vision is blurry right now because I’m so out of it. I’m listening to a demo of a conferencing program and there really isn’t any reason why I should be sitting here. It sucks, man. And I really really really have to take a piss and we’ve got twenty minutes left in the conference. Argh!

In an effort to remove myself from Microsoft dependence I downloaded Sun’s free office suite StarOffice last night. It is compatible with Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint and also offers an email client, a media player and a browser. Now if I can only get a non-Windows machine. I feel the beginnings of a throat infection – that swelling in the back of my throat and the need to drink huge amounts of water. Today is a lazy day. I’m going to the gym tomorrow. The boxing really put me down – I need some toughening up though, right? Erik said he could tell I’ve lost weight in my love handles and stomach and remarked at my ‘tits’ at lunch yesterday. Unfortunately since I’ve seen Fight Club twice in the past two weeks all I can think of is Meatloaf’s bitch tits. It is funny that I process the boxing instruction in terms of music and rhythm from my piano background and the body positioning in terms of my dance training.






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