friday, june 1

And once again I stand on the brink of something changing and something ending. A months-long ordeal coming to a terribly un-exciting conclusion. A whimper to close such a raucous bang. Hopefully the chapter will be closed today so I may get on to the other plot lines that entangle my life. I have been so sleepy lately. Done with a near-rough draft of episode one of Sinisiter. Episode two is nearly completely mapped out. Auditions are in twelve days. I’m under the gun now. I gotta finish at least two more drafts of the whole thing in the next twoo weeks. Cast the show. Have a read-through and then do some more re-writing and then bam! launch into rehearsals.

Today is my first day at my old/current job. I’ve temped here for a year and a half, worked full-time for six months, laid off, back as contractor for a year and a half and then here I am again, full-time. Hopefully this way I can finally get my tonsillectomy out of the way. Get the shit going. Had a look-see for Motorola this morning, print ad. That’d be fun.

As much as I know people hate hearing my conversations in the cubicles when I’m on the phone I really hate when it is work-related. That drives me nuts.






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