friday, july 6

I had lunch yesterday with one of my co-workers, Laurie, a totally hip cool lady… she’s all about Kwanzaa in December and when I complained about the heat a few days ago she’s like – ‘I love it – it’s Africa-hot!’ Whatever… like I say – ‘It’s Irish foggy out today’ or ‘That’s German fascist, don’t you think?’ Anyways – we was havin’ lunch and she was giving me advice on stuff and was going to recommend an accountant for me to talk to and she prefaced it with ‘Are you prejudiced?’ And I answered, ‘Not except for the blacks and the Jews.’ She almost fell on the floor. Or I flipped off Jeff today as I passed his cubicle – something Karen and Brigitte and I do absent-mindedly all the time – just flipping eachother off for no real reason. Jeff’s tall so when no one was looking I got one my tip-toes and saw him across the rows of cubicles and said ‘hey Jeff!’ and I flicked him off. So funny. Until I get fired, right?

Not sore from boxing yesterday at all – a little back stiffness but no wrist pain (which is really a good thing).

This morning as I was waiting for the bus the riff-raff was talking about the economy and I actually got called a ‘dot-com kid.’ And then they really went nuts when I was on my cellphone. Part of me did it just to aggravate them – I should have gotten out the Palm V to really rattle their cage. The one guy actually used the concept ‘planned obsolesence’ quite aptly.

Currently overplaying U2’s ‘Elevation.’ Something about the way the song starts out and then totally kicks into gear is so fucking badass. I know my sister will tear my nuts off if I go see Tomb Raider but I still want to go after seeing the U2 video.






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