friday, july 20

Ran eight miles again last night. I was asking Brent at work how long he runs and he’s like, “Oh – I usually start at around 16 miles.” Fuck that. We’ll get there. If we really want to.

They were having a multi-company teleconference in HR today on generational demographics and hiring/recruiting practices. They detailed the Mature generation, the Boomers and the X-ers. The Matures follow the rules, the Boomers self-indulge and the X-ers have short attention spans. I left the meeting after the first half-hour.

Dropped by the agency that’s had my proofs for a whole week. I hate to be disagreeable but I really need to move on this shit. It is a little aggravating. Took the train up to have lunch with Alan – he was cleaning out their old house, now that they’re in their new place in the burbs. We went to Heartland Cafe up off the Morse Red Line stop. It was yummy. I have acupuncture at 4 today (or 5?) and then I’m having dinner with Jim to discuss some business-y stuff. Going to see Naked and Shameless’s final Chicago concert at 10. Might go out clubbing afterwards.

Totally loving this album from Mindless Self Indulgence. I only like a half of the CD but it’s really manic punk hip-hop type stuff. The front man is vicious (I think his name is Johnny Urine) and half the time you have no idea what they’re saying. One song starts with I love my mommy cause she fucks the shit out of my dad.

I just realized I hadn’t put the July archive link up – gotta do that this weekend.






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