friday, january 26

Got a haircut this morning before my doc’s appointment. My tonsillectomy is going to be after the first weekend of my shows. I wanted it as soon as possible. That gives me a week to heal and I can be at the plays on the next weekend – just probalby won’t be talking. I’ll wear a sticker that says: “Yes I’m the playwright but I can’t talk right now because I had a tonsillectomy this week.” The otolarygologist came in and asked I was. “Rip ’em out!” I replied. I guess he’s not used to such adamant patients. Take them out. Cut them out right now. Please. I’m tired of these infections. I haven’t had a real speaking voice in so long because my vocal tract is always going through alleriges or infections or some other kind of bullshit. ARGH. So he stuck a camera up my face and rooted around and agreed that taking ’em out is a good idea. And I didn’t know that I have a deviated septum either. Christ. We’re not going to fix that though because the problem seems to be back in the throat. I like knowing when it is going to happen – having a big major event like that. So then all issues or to-do items fall either Before Surgery or After Surgery. I like a nice clean division in my time like that.

Is January kicking anybody else’s ass? It seems my friends and I are experiencing a high rate of crisis and clash than usual. Hydrogen bombs going on in everybody’s lives lately. And we all ricochet off eachother. Break-ups, deaths, illnesses, disappointments, delays, financial craziness… maybe we’re all feeding this kharma into eachother. As for me, I’m so enraged right now that I can’t see straight. I’m trying to let the anger go and give it up and just get back to the Task At Hand but it is so hard. My selfish, self-righteous self wants to hold on and claim and hold close every bitter epithet that I want to scream against the sky. There is a book of Japanese art called Scream Against the Sky. I’ve always loved the cover image. The book is on sale every once in a while at Supercrown and I should buy it. Just for the cover. And I love the phrase Scream Against the Sky – very King Lear.

On the upside I had a guy email me about this weblog… I think he probably found it off the blogger site. When it updates it’ll appear in Blogger’s just updated list:


This is a duplicate of the message I sent to your ICQ address. I don’t know about you but I never check that damn thing. Anyway….

I saw your weblog and after a lot of electronic manuevering I got your address.

(my friends think I should be a private dick).

**I am not mad and I am not a stalker**

Anyway, I liked your website and have added it as a link.

If you should ever be bored and want to read rantings or adventures of a fellow Chicagoan, then please check out my weblog:


Thanks Pip!






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